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Can You Mix Different CBD Products Together?

There are so many CBD products from which to choose, where do you even begin? Many people want to try out different products to find out which is best for them, or even try different CBD solutions at the same time. But then, an important question comes up: “Can I mix CBD products together?” Is there a danger with mixing CBD products, or taking more than one simultaneously? 


Because the CBD boom is so new, research is still ongoing into what CBD interacts with, the side effects of CBD with other substances, and many other questions regarding its use. That might make you understandably hesitant to try multiple CBD products at once, or mix CBD products together. But, mixing different CBD products to target different issues is just as safe as using one product in isolation. To understand more about CBD and combining CBD products, let’s start with the basics. 



What is CBD? 


CBD is a substance derived from the cannabis plant. CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is only one of several chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant (there are over 100, including another popular one known as THC). Proponents believe that this compound produces numerous health benefits, and many people have found CBD to work for them in treating a range of issues and ailments. 

Of course, popular knowledge concerning CBD is sadly lacking. Therefore, many people hear “CBD oil derived from cannabis or hemp” and think of illegal marijuana and getting high. And so, concerns about taking it, or using too much, are widespread. The fact is that the current research indicates that CBD is safe, non-addictive, and you cannot “get high” from using it, even from using multiple products simultaneously. 



Why Mix CBD Products? 



Of course, that doesn’t mean that you should overload on CBD products, even though it isn’t lethal. “Everything in moderation,” as the old saying goes, is always a good guideline. But is there a benefit to using multiple CBD products at the same time, and is it a good idea?


You may ask why someone would want to use more than one product at a time? Imagine this very real scenario. After purchasing a CBD product, you discover early on the dose that works for you. But eventually, it wears off. What are your dosing guidelines? Most people find that multiple small does throughout the day serves them better than one large dose per day. 



Again, imagine this different scenario. A person consumes a chewable CBD product a few times throughout the day, but also uses a CBD balm/lotion product on sore hands or joints. In this way, you may get symptom relief from multiple conditions, while also maintaining a preventive dose regularly. Another possible combination may be CBD oil drops as a preventive measure, but vaping CBD oil or applying a CBD balm/lotion or patch for a more immediate effect. 


Another benefit to mixing CBD products is that different products are more convenient for different times of day. You may choose to use CBD oil drops at home in the morning and evening, but that may be a bit too inconvenient when on the go. For those times, you may choose CBD edibles, capsules, or a vaping product. 


What are the Possible Risks of Mixing CBD Products? 



CBD has been confirmed as a safe and non-toxic product by no less than The World Health Organization (WHO), which published a 2018 report verifying and defending its position. However, CBD is not completely without side effects. 


New users may experience some side effects until becoming accustomed to the substance and finding their ideal dosage. Common side effects include: 


  • Diarrhea
  • Dizziness
  • Dry mouth
  • Headaches
  • Lethargy
  • Low blood pressure
  • Nausea

It is normally recommended that when first trying CBD products, you do it on a day with nothing planned. In other words, don’t take your first dosage, then go out and mow the yard or drive your car. Allow your body to guide you as far as dosages and frequency of use. Rather quickly, your body will adapt and become accustomed to CBD and you will feel the benefits. 




Keep in mind that the above list of side effects are the most common. You may experience others; but most people report minimal if any adverse reactions. And, the above list of common side effects is much less intense than what many people experience from FDA-approved prescription drugs for various medical conditions. The bottom line is, if you start out with a small dose and work your way up until you experience the effect you are looking for, then CBD is a very safe natural addition to your wellness regimen. 


Suggestions for Mixing CBD Products 




Combining various CBD products is safe and even recommended to fit your busy lifestyle. Plus, varying your intake methods allows you to maintain a steady CBD level all day, but not become bored with the same product. Everyone likes variation, and one of the benefits of CBD is the variety of products that allow you to tailor your usage to your schedule and lifestyle. Here are some valuable tips for mixing CBD products safely. 


Start Small



This is sometimes called “microdosing,” although that term is typically used in some mental health disciplines. It simply means to start small with any dosage of a new product. This is always wise, allowing you to see how the particular product and its amount of CBD will affect you. Once you figure out your standard dose for that product, you can experiment by adding a small dose of another product throughout the day. 


For example, if you discover that 30mg per day works best for you, then to add another product, try splitting your dosages into three 10mg doses throughout the day, and use another product for one of those 10mg doses. Or, you could take your 30mg as usual with one product, and just add 5mg of another product to test the effects. 


Change Your Consumption Methods



Take pleasure in trying something new! The market of available CBD products is hugely diverse. Testing new intake methods may help you to find new favorites that fit your differing routines better, or even for certain busy or slow days in your schedule. Just note that different consumption methods often take effect at differing rates. 


Vaping gets CBD into your system quickly, while capsules or edible products are slower to take effect. All products do not work in the same way, so note how each works for you in your experimentation, and remember that information when combining doses. This will serve you well when dosing for prevention or when you need a quick boost. 





Mixing CBD products is just as safe as taking the same dosage from a single product, and can bring greater satisfaction to your overall CBD experience. The smart thing is to listen to your body. Let its reaction to different CBD products and doses be your guide. And of course, if you are taking prescription medications, are pregnant, or have other health conditions, it is always a good idea to discuss CBD usage with your medical professional. 


Overall, mixing CBD products helps you to find the best dosage and intake methods to fit your busy lifestyle and schedule. Instead of planning your day around timed medication doses, CBD provides flexible benefits that you customize to your personal satisfaction. So, happy experimenting. Share in the comments below if you have found a combination that you particularly enjoy! 

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